CAS Key Laboratory of Engineering Plastics

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Taking transforming commodity plastics into engineering plastics, endowing engineering plastics with high performances and up-scaling the application of advanced engineering plastics as the main goals, CAS Key Laboratory of Engineering Plastics (EPL) aims to conduct strategic, prospective and innovative study on the fundamental aspects of the preparation, molding, fabrication and application of polymeric materials. Using a series of techniques of chemical and physical modification starting from the study on catalysts for polymer synthesis, EPL focuses on the design, tailoring and control of the structure of polymers at different scales.

The major research fields are as follows:


(1) Synthesis and preparation of new catalysts and the mechanism investigation of olefin polymerization;

(2) Preparation of polyolefin alloys in polymerization reactors;

(3) Structural characterization and compounding of polyolefins;

(4) Organic-inorganic hybrid materials;

(5) Control the structure of polymer condensed state;

(6) Polymeric biomaterials.

CAS Key Laboratory of Engineering Plastics